Now that the school year is in full swing students should remember our theme for the year which is to show "Respect, Cooperation, and Support" to peers and adults.  Adhering to this theme will ensure success.

Instructional Binder: All students should be familiar with using their Instructional Binders that contain the student planner.  All students are encouraged to keep up their daily agendas in their student planners by writing down class topic, objective, lessons, assessments, and homework.  7th grade students in particular should focus on writing everything down as this is new for them due to the transition from 6th grade into 7th grade. 

Student Behavior Expectations:  Students are expected to meet behavior expectations each day and to have a clean behavior chart at the end of each month.  This shows that students have no infractions that have been listed.  All students meeting this monthly goal earn the reward of attending the student citizenship luncheon hosted by Mr. Brad Watson, principal, and Mrs. Blanca Sahagun, title I teacher.  Students who are not on the no participation list as verified by the vice principal Mr. Enrique Avalos will be able to continue to qualify to participate in school dances, field trips, and other incentives/rewards programs. 

Homework, Quizzes/Tests, and Benchmark Assessments:  Students are encouraged to continue demonstrating what they know about the curriculum as measured by quizzes, tests, and assessments.  Doing so will enable students to increase their grade point averages (GPA) and thus qualify to attend the honor roll field trip if they have earned a 3.0 GPA or better.

Bell Schedule

Regular Day

Warning Bell

7:55 a.m.


1st Period

8:00 a.m.

8:55 a.m.


8:59 a.m.

9:53 a.m.

3rd Period

9:57 a.m.

10:51 a.m.

LUNCH  7th grade

10:51 a.m.

11:26 a.m.

4thPeriod    7th grade

11:30 a.m.

12:24 p.m.

4thPeriod    8th grade

10:55 a.m.

11:49 p.m.

LUNCH  8th grade

11:49 p.m.

12:24 p.m.


12:28 p.m.

1:22 p.m.

6th Period

1:26 p.m.

2:20 p.m.



Delta Sierra Middle School values the role that community based organizations, businesses, and public agencies provide to the Delta Sierra community.  Designated departments on campus have formed partnerships with area service providers such as:

  • Quik-Stop Mini Mart
  • Regional Transportation
  • RSC Corporation for sponsoring the Spring Fling and 3 on 3 Tournament for the special education students
  • Food 4 Less grocer
  • Panda Express on Trinity Parkway
  • Pacific Bowl
  • Wagner Heights Skilled and Independent Living Center
  • City of Stockton Peacekeepers
  • Local area Fraternities and Sororities for the Mentoring Program and Emerging Young Leaders
  • Stockton Police Department
  • Excel Photographers for yearbook publication
  • Lifetouch National School Studios Inc. for school pictures, student identification badges, achievement certificates, and banners.
  • Keys to Success Agendas
  • Why Try?
  • Point Break
  • Student and Family Empowerment Program (SAFE)
  • Alpha Mentoring Program


We believe at Delta Sierra Middle School that students who are motivated and cooperate with administration, teachers, and peers earn the opportunity to participate in field trips, incentives, and rewards programs.  While some field trips are available to 8th grade students, most trips are for both 7th and 8th grade students.  For most students who work hard and apply themselves academically, behaviorally, and have good social relationships with their peers, they will be able to enjoy multiple trips throughout the academic year.  Through the choices and decisions that students will make, will determine how enjoyable and fun this school year will be for them.

8th Grade Field Trips:

  • Career GPS at Cal Expo in Sacramento
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

7th and 8th Grade Field Trips:

  • AVID College Tours: UC Berkley, CSU, Monterey, UOP, Univ. of S.F.
  • Honor Roll: State Capitol Tour & Old Sacramento, Jelly Belly Factory, and Art Museum
  • ELAC: State Capitol, Old Sacramento Tour and Sutter's Fort in Sacramento
  • STEM:  Tech Museum in San Jose
  • MESA: University Tour at the University of the Pacific, MESA Day at UOP, and Quizbowl at UOP
  • SDC: Chabot Science Museum Tour
  • Monthly Student Recognition Programs:  A lunch time reward program for students with clean planners (no infractions).  Rewards include VIP Movie Theater, VIP Student Lounge, VIP Student Lunch on the Lawn (bring your own device day), Lunch on the Lawn Student Invitational (invite your own guest).
  • Kingdom of Learning:  Sacramento King's Basketball Game hosted by The Principal.

In order to participate in field trips, incentives, and rewards students will have to meet behavior, conduct, and grade point average requirements and comply with school rules, district policies, and state laws.


Title I Parent Involvement:

  • Purpose:  To assist teachers, counselors, administration, and other school staff members, in developing, maintaining, and reinforcing positive relationships with parents in order to increase student achievement.
  • How it Works:  Use of Title I Parent Involvement and other appropriate categorical/general funds are provided to help increase parent involvement at IEP, IST, 504, Parent Conferences, ELAC, SSC, Back-to-School Night, Open House, Music/Choir & Fine Arts Program, Lunch-on-the-Lawn, and Parent/Guardian Orientation, and End-of-Year Promotion.

Back to School Night:

  • Purpose:  Offer parents the opportunity to view their students' classrooms, meet their teachers, and learn about grading, classroom expectations, and instructional strategies to be used.  Emphasis will be placed on student work, learning, and when homework is due.
  • How it Works:  Parents and guardians will be greeted during by administration and teachers in the multi purpose room.  Dinner will be served.  After a brief presentation by the principal, students and families will be dismissed to participate in a mini school day.

Community Reading Nights:

  • Purpose:  To support parents/guardians in the encouragement of their child's literacy skills.  This is a fun family activity that promotes increased bonding among students, families and teachers/staff.
  • How it Works:  Participants can bring their own reading material such as books, magazines, newspaper, and/or electronic platforms like iPad, Kindle, Laptop computer, or use the school iMac Pro computers.

Open House:

  • Purpose:  To showcase the talent of students and their achievement.  Emphasis is placed on student work that has been completed or is in progress.
  • How it Works:  Participants will be greeted by administration as they enter the Multipurpose Room for a brief presentation.  Participants are then free to tour the campus as each department will be setting up exhibits.

SBA Rewards Day & "Lunch on the Lawn":

  • Purpose:  To reward students who worked hard on their state exams.
  • How it Works:  Students report to first period.  From there they are dismissed to participate in the reward activities that they signed up for.  Parents/guardians join students for lunch time activity "Lunch on the Lawn" (parents, guardians, family members are invited onto campus to share a meal with their student.  School lunch is provided to students but families are welcome to bring their own lunch items for them and their child.

Art Showcase:

  • Purpose:  To showcase the art projects of the students from various clubs and after school programs.
  • How it Works:  Throughout the school year students who participate in the art and photography programs in the after school program put together projects and art pieces.  Parents are invited to come with their students and check out the projects that have been put on display.  Student performances and videos are also on display.

School Site Council:

  • Purpose:  To provide parents an opportunity to nominate and vote on a parent to represent them during school site council meetings.  The focus of the council is to develop and monitor the school plan.  That includes utilizing appropriate funds to support student achievement and parent involvement.
  • How it Works:  The School Site Council establishes a calendar in order to meet every four to six weeks.  Meetings are generally 1 hour long and meeting agendas are posted for public review 72 hours in advance.  Parents along with educators discuss student academics, funding, and program evaluation.

English Learners' Advisory Committee:

  • Purpose: The parents/guardians of students who are learning English at Delta Sierra Middle School are invited to participate on the committee. Participants work together to support students academically.
  • How it Works: 5 meetings are held each year with parents and guardians so that they can have input into the site plan and monitor the students in the English Language Development program.

Course Selection Seminars:

  • Purpose:  To provide students the opportunity, under their parent/guardians' guidance, in selecting courses for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • How it Works:  Current 6th graders who will be incoming 7th graders from Creekside, Oakwood, Parklane, Sutherland and Wagner Holt elementary schools will be assigned a day in March/April 2017 to come to Delta Sierra Middle School between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  After a brief presentation, the school counselor will review core and elective classes with students and guide them, along with their parents/guardians, in making the appropriate selections.  Additional teachers and staff will be on hand to assist as well as provide interpretation in various languages.  Current 7th graders who will be 8th graders the next school year will meet with the school counselor a day in March/April 2016 to review core and elective classes.

Parents In Action:

  • Purpose:  Parents/Guardians who have ideas, areas of interest, and/or suggestions for Delta Sierra Middle School are encouraged to share these with appropriate personnel on campus.
  • How it Works:  Participation in any of the above named programs and/or volunteerism of the time that is shared in providing support in classrooms, chaperoning school and student activities such as dances, field trips, fundraising efforts, as well as providing a presence during school lunch time activities is much appreciated.  Parents are also encouraged to participate in a phone tree to communicate with other parents.  Selected members representing parents/guardians will form the nucleus of the PTSA.


  • Purpose: Offer parents/guardians the chance to work with teachers and students on fundraising in order to fund activities for students, teachers, and the community.
  • How it Works:  Meetings will be held once a quarter to focus on the charter and ongoing fundraising activities for the advancement of Delta Sierra Middle School.

Please watch this space for specific dates and times as well as additional events.


All 7th and 8th grade students at Delta Sierra Middle School will receive a Black 3-ring binder with a school approved "Delta Sierra Binder Cover" containing the following school supplies:

  • Clear plastic pencil pouch with two number 2 pencils and one yellow highlighter.
  • 1 spiral bound 3 hole punch notebook with 70 sheets of lined paper.
  • 5 subject dividers with multi-colored tabs and labels.
  • Student ear buds for Chrome Book Technology on site
  • 1 school planner that consists of 136 pages. It contains an agenda, calendar, and the School-Wide Rules, Expectations of student behavior, dress code, and our 4-Quarter Behavior Chart for rewards and consequences.

​Students are encouraged to:

  • Communicate with the parents/guardians about class and other school activities each day.
  • Complete assignments, projects, homework and turn it in on time when due.
  • Show respect for themselves, all adults on campus, and their peers.
  • Enjoy school and work hard to contribute to a clean, safe campus.

Parents/Guardians are encouraged to continue:

  • Communicating to the office any interests, commendation, concerns, and/or ideas that will improve the services that are provided by the school.
  • Providing a quiet place for their students to work at home.
  • Reviewing the progress of their student's academic and behavior performance.
  • Seeking ways to volunteer at least 1 hour on campus or at a school related activity.


Delta Sierra Middle School Administration make every efforts to maintain a safe and clean campus environment.  Everyone must do their part for the success of our combined efforts.  To that end students will continue to play a major role in campus beautification through selected classes by participating in coordinated clean campus activities.  This includes:

  • Using school provided gloves for the removal of debris
  • School recycling program
  • Growing and planting seedlings for the flower beds, and other indoor and outdoor horticultural areas
  • Working to maintain a "Bully-Free Environment"
  • Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Campaign
  • Emergency preparedness procedures (Fire/Earthquake/Lockdown Drills)
  • Annual drug prevention and Red Ribbon Week activities
  • School and community spirit activities
  • Alternative to Suspension:  Campus Beautification (Vandalism Abatement)
  • Positive Behavior Support (PBIS): Tier 1 School wide instruction through Advisory Schedule and Rewards Program
  • Positive Behavior Support (PBIS): Tier 2 Interventions that include Focus Intervention Room
  • Positive Behavior Support (PBIS): Tier 3 Intensive Intervention that includes Suspension and/or Expulsion  


STEM Academy:

Delta Sierra is offering a new and exciting STEM Academy that is designed to challenge the highest performing students on campus.  This specialized field of study offers students who are advanced in Science and/or Mathematics, who are recommended by their 6th grade teacher (for incoming seventh graders) or are recommended by their 7th grade science or mathematics teacher (for incoming eighth graders), who complete an application (that includes parent/guardian permission), an interview process, and lastly, who are approved by the school principal,  may take any or all combinations of projects  in STEM Elective classes in order to maximize their ability to explore the concepts within Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics – STEM.  Career Labs will focus on:

  • Robotics (land and underwater)
  • Creating of Android APPS for Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Video Production
  • Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA)
  • Medical Technology/Forensics
  • Engineering Principles and Technology
  • Design Lab Studio (Computer Aided Drafting, 3D printing, and Building Engineering Concepts)
  • Urban Garden and Sustainable Engineering
  • Atmospheric Sciences:  Weather Balloon and Rocket launches

Students in the STEM Academy will have the opportunity to choose how far they want to explore and learn within the parameters of each STEM Elective class.  Some projects require using iMac & HP All-in-One computers, Chromebooks to access the Internet, while other projects require the use of a Smartboard.  Students will be able to handle other items such as: connectors, pins, wheels, shafts, pulleys & belts, sensors, gears, motors, Robot Control Sensors, power sources (batteries and electricity), wireless connectors, remote handheld controllers, gyroscope, cameras for land and underwater use, wireless aerial cameras, time-lapsed photography, and wireless video cameras.  Some projects require students to use App Inventor software and an Emulator, while other projects involved video editing, broadcasting over an in school closed circuit TV system.

Furthermore, STEM Academy students will be encouraged to display their technical knowledge and skills at school events such as Back-to-School Night, Open House, and at local, regional, state, and in some cases international competitions.  Field trips to places such as: The Tech Museum in San Jose, CA., University of Pacific MESA and other locations that feature STEM activities will be made available for students so that they will become more familiar of the career options in the field of STEM.

Due to the high degree of sophisticated equipment, tools, and operations, students must comply with all school rules and classroom procedures in their respective lab classroom setting.  Violation of such rules, policies, and procedures could jeopardize a student’s placement in the STEM Academy.


Delta Sierra provides ongoing support for our students and families.

School Counselors  & School Psychologist: Our school counselors and psychologist are employees of the district and provide individual and group counseling support for students and families.

School Counselor Interns:  Lodi Unified School District has formed a partnership with CSU Sacramento and Stanislaus school of counselor education.  This has resulted in Delta Sierra Middle School receiving the services of graduate students who are serving as interns through the school of counselor education.  The interns have parent permission slips outlining the scope of services.  Once parents have signed the permission slips then additional work for the interns can be provided.

Why Try?  Strength-based program designed to help young people overcome their challenges and improve outcomes in the areas of truancy, behavior management, decision-making and academics.  Topics Covered:  Goals, Family Patterns, Self, Personal Strengths, Anger Management, Peer Pressure, Identifying & Overcoming Obstacles, Desire, Time, & Effort, Training & Preparation, and Finding Resources & a support system.  These topics will be covered in groups that will meet for 1 alternating class period throughout the day, one day a week for 14 weeks.

Point Break:  Helping teenagers and parents develop resiliency skills and access resources.  The purpose is to be a resource for parents, schools, and community groups in San Joaquin County, and overcome risky behavior.

Mentoring and Emerging Young Leaders:  To provide supplemental support to students with the help of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  Students cover various topics related to school, hygiene, careers, the transition to high school and college, culture, and interpersonal skills.

Student and Family Empowerment Program (SAFE): The SAFE Program is designed to provide support services to students and families in order to address core issues that hinder success at school.  The SAFE model allows a team of service providers to work together in the same neighborhood to provide consistent and comprehensive support throughout the child's education career.

Positive Behavior Support (PBIS):  The PBIS is a multi-tiered prevention framework guiding the implementation and sustainability of evidence-based interventions to meet the academic, behavior and socio-emotional needs of all students.